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Doula & Student Midwife Services

Doula & Student Midwife Services


What Doulas Do

What is a Birth Doula?


I’m so glad you asked :)

A Birth Doula is a trained & experienced labor companion who provides the woman and her partner (if she has one) continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth. We recognize birth as a key event that a mother & family will remember forever, assist in preparing for and carrying out plans for the birth, stay by your side throughout labor and facilitate communication between you & clinical care providers. We help you find your voice, so you can make educated decisions that feel right for you and your baby.

I’m thrilled to offer Doula Services to you for a joyful but crazy time in your life!

I trained in Birth Labor & Early Childhood Education at Bini Birth & am currently working toward formal Doula certification with Carriage House.  I have trained in lactation support with Yana Katzap-Nackman of Head First Doulas as well as Julie Matheny, the LA Lactation Lady. I am a member of Joy in Birthing Foundation & completed a Post Partum workshop there as well. Additionally, I have worked professionally in support roles for almost 15 years, which translates well to my passions as a Birth Doula.

I completed my 200-HR RYT with Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja in 2019 (a dream come true!) & am registered with Yoga Alliance. I am enrolled in certification for Prenatal, Postpartum & Family Yoga with Yoga Education, Inc./Bini Birth, which will be completed this Fall. I have a strong, athletic background in ashtanga yoga; I practice through karandavasana in the Intermediate Series. I am able to adapt a sequence for the beginner as well as seasoned yogi who needs guidance on what is appropriate during this exciting transition to parenthood.

Additionally, I have personal experience in egg freezing, & I received certification for Fertility Yoga through Baby Bliss in order to help support the seeds of creation for those who desire to start their family. 

I am also currently furthering my education in a program for licensed medical professionals. 

I recently completed a course for Level 1 Sound Bath practitioners this August at The Soundbath Center.  I’m looking forward to expanding my available services with gong play & singing bowls!

I am passionate about helping you grow your family throughout the birth experience. Families come in all forms, and all forms are welcome at my table. 

Services Offered


Basic packages include two Prenatal Visits, support during Labor & Birth and a Postpartum visit. You may add more visits if you wish! I customize all packages according to the needs of the family.

I also provide contact in between appointments - because you never know when that question you didn’t think of before suddenly pops up in your head during 3am heartburn :)

I also offer ‘Mommy’s Little Helper’ Services in Postnatal Care in hourly packages. Maybe you need someone to come over for an hour every day after your partner leaves so you can simply have a shower and check email while someone tends to your newborn, or you’d like to escape to the gym for a couple hours and would like a companion to accompany you with your child in a separate area in order to have your little one close by. Or someone to simply prep some meals for you for a few days. Whatever the need is, just ask, and we will get you set up for your comfort during this new life transition.

I can also make referrals for trained Post Partum Doulas as well 

Nurturing the Fruit of Your Womb


I aim to protect and nurture the memory of your experience. 

To provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint & assistance in getting you any information you need to make good decisions for the birth. 

To be there for you in the way that you need me to. 

To encourage you to find your voice.




Prenatal Care


Tell me all about the birth experience you’d love to have!

We’ll also discuss labor comfort measures, anxieties, when the unexpected pops up and how a Doula helps you advocate for and support your empowerment. 

The direction of your Prenatal Visits will be tailored entirely to your personal needs. 

Labor Support


A Doula is there for you and for your family throughout your labor & birth, whether it’s going to be in home or in hospital, or a planned or unplanned Cesarean. 

I will help you stay on top of your contractions and work with staff to support this incredible time in your life. I will help you get information to make your decisions if the going gets tough. 

Overall, it’s the Doula’s heartfelt wish that you look back on this experience as life-changing, memorable and positive. 

Postpartum Care


I want to know how you’re doing! The focus has shifted entirely to your new addition and new role, but you are still you, and you may feel overwhelmed, unsure, exhausted, exhilarated and a big ball of emotions all at once. 

It‘s ok. 

Let me support you through that process. Help you get the info you need, a follow up appointment with a Lactation Consultant or simply close out the birth experience with love, moving into your new & forever-transformed life. 

We will figure out together what it is that you need to grow into this new role. 

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